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There are so many people, who are eagerly waiting for next-generation of wireless service and if you one of them, then you might have to wait for a longer period than you thought. One of the best mobile manufacturers is going through a 5G phone nightmare, whenever they think of upgrading, to the next generation of wireless services, and in this current week, one more company named, T-Mobile has joined their ranks.

Everywhere peoples are talking about 5G wireless services all around the industry, and lots of experts are saying, that they are getting closer day by day, to making it a reality, for consumers all the way. But right now, we are not there yet, and another company, who has joined the rank named T-Mobile this week also said, customers have to wait for a¬†little more time to get a 5G wireless service. The T-Mobile company is trying his hard to launch the first 5G network of the country at this current week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona. But unfortunately, the T-Mobile company has declared that customers have to a little more as the launch of the 5G network has been delayed until the second half of this year.

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The primary focal point at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona is on a 5G wireless network because there are more than 10, mobile manufacturers who had already announced that they are going to launch their first new 5G network in this current year. The foremost issue is several phones are not compatible with many of the major carriers, 5G network. And T-Mobile has also said, there are very few headsets that are compatible with the company’s low-frequency spectrum and it is the main issue of their postponed.

Yes, this is the main and the most important factor in the 5G wireless network because of the frequency spectrum often determines how easily it can access the network and how accessible the network will be. If you know that, higher frequency network needs a higher quantity of cell sites and tower, because the waves produced by radio, cannot travel as far as a lower-frequency signal that T-Mobile and other carriers can and their plan to utilize for their 5G networks. It simply indicates that, if the phones are not able to get access to lower frequencies, then definitely, they cannot get access to the 5G networks.

At present, the T-Mobile company is still thinking for a huge roll-out of a 5G wireless network in the second half of this year, but several other big phone manufacturers are focusing on huge population centers and developing the best network that will most likely discover a home in obtuse urban cities.


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