Drug Side effect, baldness

It is normal in every human when about 100 hairs are lost from the scalp. The main problem arises when there occurs excessive hair loss, and this sign should be taken as a distress call by everyone. Research shows that a drug which is being developed to treat osteoporosis will be helping in reversing the baldness.

Research in human baldness is published in the journal PLOS Biology on Tuesday, in which it said a drug which is originally developed to treat osteoporosis might help the individuals who want to reverse their baldness. The way to treat the baldness started with an immunosuppressive drug, cyclosporine A which has been in the market since the 1980s. These drugs help in treating the patients who have gone transplant surgery or struggling with a disease like autoimmune.

Drug Side effect, baldness

When any patient took cyclosporine A, it shows some severe side effects like convulsions and diarrhea. Despite this, patients who have taken this drug saw some unwanted hair growth. This unusual growth of hair was seen as a possible answer for baldness. The researchers from the University of Machester’s Centre for Dermatology Research has investigated this by analyzing the drug’s impact on gene expression. Their investigation shows that the cyclosporine A has contained some sort of protein which is known as SFRP1 which help in growing the hair.

The researchers again investigate a second compound with the same process and found out that WAY-316606 was present which help in developing to treat osteoporosis. When they apply WAY-316606 to hair follicles in their lab, they found that the growth of hair is fast in this case than that of cyclosporine A.

This experiment shows that WAY-316606 is a best new pharmacological promoter for the human hair growth. The author of the study says that this drug has less toxic side effects than that of cyclosporine A.

According to Dr Doris Day, who is a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC said, this research helps in developing a new medication for baldness, and it helps in bringing us closer to find a permanent solution to the baldness.  

Another drug known as JAK inhibitors have help in growing the hair in the patients. As per Day, “Hair loss is not just an aesthetic thing. It does affect someone’s self-esteem and their sense of well-being,” she said, adding that 30% of her practice deals with hair loss. “People come in devastated, near-suicidal over hair.”



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