Storm, NASA, Mars

In a new development, it is seen for the past two weeks, and it is a massive dust storm which has churned on Mars which have forced the NASA to put the Opportunity rover to the hibernation mode. The Curiosity rover which was present on the other side of the planet and it can see the feeling of the effects of the storm and it reveals the dramatic, which is the planet-sized scale of the weather system.

The expands of the dust storm which is nearly incomprehensible, and it has combined with the size of the North America and Russia. NASA has said that the storm will now span the entire circumference of the Mars and it makes it to the planet-encircling dust event.

The Opportunity rover which is usually dependent upon the solar power and it is only temporarily out of commission. The rover has located about the 5,000 miles, and they are away from Opportunity, and it is now feeling the effects and with the amount of the airborne dust which is above the doubling in the past week. This has created by this atmospheric haze, and it is measured in tau and is now at Gale Crater. The place where Opportunity’s location is there, the tau is at 11, and it makes to dark, and it is unlike Opportunity. Curiosity is in no danger of losing power, and it relies on a nuclear-powered battery.

Curiosity’s cameras now required extra exposure time, and extra exposure time means the optical equipment which is now more vulnerable to all the dust which blow around. Curiosity managed to take about some recent photos of the Martian landscape, and it reveals an increasingly dense wall of haze. This dense wall is about 6 to 8 times thicker than usual.

In the year 2013, astronomers have detected in a massive thunder and lightning storm on the Saturn which has created in a seamless ring around the gas giant.


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