Echo Auto Launched By Amazon With Alexa Virtual Assistant

Amazon is developing the line-up of devices for your home, which runs the favorite Alexa Virtual Assistant. But that is not over at all. Amazon is looking your car too and wants to make it smarter without you having to customize the in-car material which is intended both to entertain system or buy a new one.

The device is known as the Echo Auto, and as the name suggests, it has to install in the car. It will connect to your phone via Bluetooth so that Alexa’s voice commands work. The voice commands will work with include music playback and navigation queries and instructions. There are total eight microphones in the Echo Auto, which means it should be able to listen to your commands even with ambient noise, road or wind noise or also if the music is playing in the background. Even passengers sitting on the back seat will able easily give commands to Echo Auto.

This is the latest sudden fired by Amazon in the battle for the in-car ecosystem with Google and Apple. Google has Android Auto, while Apple has the CarPlay solution. However, to do both works for you, you will need to have an Android phone and iPhone, and an in-car material which is meant both to entertain system capable of running these platforms. The fact that Echo Auto can be plugged into any car without having to mark off a basic requirements checklist makes this more versatile in any case.

You will also be able to give voice commands to Alexa, as you drive along, for making calls, setting calendar entries, making reminders, do voice- based shopping on Amazon, check the latest news or find a nearby point of interest. At present, the Echo Auto works with Audible, Amazon Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and NPR apps for podcasts and streaming music.


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