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The Fortnite has answered the suspicion confusion of several numbers of content creators, who want to take part in the forthcoming cooperation of the game with Marshmello, by declaring the change of copyright practices specifically created for this event.

Epic Games challenged the long line of wonderful collaboration in the history of their battle Royale, in which LTM is rotating nearby Marvel Properties, In-Game integration with Disney Movies and now a party with modern EDM performer ‘Marshmello‘.

In one of the Tweet, Fortnite declared that it worked with the DJ team to assure that streamers and content creators can engage without a copyright strike – unless the monetization of the content ceases.

Playing favorite and one of the most popular music with a large label usually involves some kind of punishment for being involved in content without permission.

Fortnite said the team, “we have worked with Marshmello’s team to ensure that you will not get a copyright strike to post the event. “This means that you will not be able to monetize your video content, but you will be able to post your content on your channel.”

This news is a matter of great happiness for many broadcasters who were on the fence about participating due to strict rules for copyright.

Marshmello has great consistency in the Fortnite scene for quite a while, participating in the tournament and creating its presence at many events.

Fortnite players and content creators can expect to participate and leave the Marshmello concert on 2nd February.

Visit our Fortnite x Marshmello concert information hub, including schedules, locations, how to see, and more for what you need to know about the upcoming Marshmello event.

There is no stranger to Marshello Fortnite and he has shown himself as a very capable player. Last year, DJ won the Fortnite Pro-Am on E3 together with the Twitch Superstar Ninja, giving $ 1 million in the rule.


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