Facebook 3D Photos Feature Is Out | Now We Can Post 3D Photos In News Feed
Image Source: The Indian Express

As Facebook is rolling out the 3D photos today, with the help of New feature we can now able to share and post the 3D photos in the News Feed and now we can enjoy the shot of your pet, your friends or a fantastic View, or your latest vacation in 3D Photos.

Now we have to be realistic with your expectations. The new 3D photos feature does not create interactive, fly-through images or anything fancy like that. Rather it contests with parallax effects to create the illusion of depth that you can enjoy by scrolling, panning and tilting your phone.

NO “Special Equipment” Is Required

We need to have a compatible smartphone with a dual lens camera. Facebook highlights iPhones as being the suitable one. The 3D effect makes use of the depth maps stored in photos, and Facebook says that the results are “like you’re looking through a window”.

Check Is Option Is Available Or Not Right Now

To make sure that this new Facebook 3D photos option is available or not. First, we have to open the Facebook App on your smartphone then go to the new post and in the given list check whether the 3D Photo option is available or Not.

How To Make 3D Photo

There are Two ways to make 3D photos
1. Using Free 3D Photo Maker
2. Layering Two Image

  • We are using the first option that is Free 3D Photo Maker to make 3D Image
Facebook 3D Photos Feature Is Out | Now We Can Post 3D Photos In News Feed
Image Source: Medium

Download 3D Photo Maker Application

Make a search in the search engine and type Free 3D photo Maker by DVD Video App. For me, it is very easy to use and can be upgraded to the premium version.

  • Input The Image

Once the photos save in our computer, open the Free 3D Application then on the top-left corner click on the open left image option and find the leftmost image and open with the 3D app. Click “open right imageā€ to repeat this with your other image”

  • Choose the Output Location

Now save the Photo that you make. Choose the location that suits you and stores it. You can also rename the file according to your wish.

  • Click Make 3D Button

The button will cause the program to make a 3D image out of your images. These options manipulate the color channels, so keep True (dark) anaglyph selected for an ordinary 3D image. Then get your 3D glasses and view your picture


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