Facebook, New Feature, Message, Unsend Feature,Messenger
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In Facebook, if you type any message and send it to the other person then it gets stored in your inbox on the Facebook server. Then when the other gets online then he will get the message. Now you can not be able to delete messages after you click the “send” button. In nowadays Facebook feature can only delete the conversation on your inbox.

Facebook is initially declared that it would Add Unsend feature for everyone in April after it was revealed that message had sent by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to other users were removed from the user’s inboxes while the older message that those users sent Zuckerberg were still there.

Facebook has already owned Whatsapp and Instagram both social Network already has an “Unsend” feature in its message section that will remove the message from both inboxes, even messages from over a year ago.

Facebook, New Feature, Message, Unsend Feature,Messenger
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A week before, TechCrunch asked Facebook about the progress on Unsend Feature of the six-month target, and the giant Social Network Facebook told us “Though we have nothing to declare today, we have previously confirmed that we mean to ship a feature like this and are still planning to implement this feature.

Facebook New Unsend Feature What People Say About It

The new “unsend” message feature launched by Facebook can be useful and can be harmful. Many people say rubbish, vulgar, Inappropriate etc. to someone and that type of people can take advantage or you can say erase evidence of their misdeeds with the help of new Unsend feature launched by Facebook.

Facebook “Unsend” feature also can be helpful sometimes because many of times people send the message to the wrong person by mistake so, by the help of this feature it can correct the mistake and can delete the message sent by him to the wrong person


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