Facebook Announced It's First Gadget Portal And Portal Plus With Smart Camera Feature | Specifications
Image Source: The Independent

According to a report by the best social media platform Facebook, people spend more than 1.6 billion minutes per day on video chats. To improve the user’s experience, the social media giant Facebook announced it’s first ever tech gadget, and it is a bit creepy as you’ll expect.

It is not an App or some awkward virtual reality. It’s a device unveiled a new line of the voice-activated home speaker with a screen that enables video chats with friend and family, but analysts said they sound more like Big Brother listening devices.

Facebook Announced It's First Gadget Portal And Portal Plus With Smart Camera Feature | Specifications
Image Source: Cnet

It collects user data with Alexa-powered artificial intelligence software, the Portal and Portal+ speakers implemented with cameras that can follow users throughout the room and enhance the sound of their voices when they talk. The Portal and Portal+ camera automatically follows and reframes you during a video chat.

Portal and Portal Plus

The giant social platform Facebook has created two models of Portal and Portal Plus. The first gadget is Portal 10.1 inches and the second gadget is Portal Plus size of 15.6 inches and the other side both come with the same custom processor and software, but couldn’t look more different from outside.

The Portal comes in two variants. The Portal Plus costs $349 and a 1080p screen that rotates into either portrait or landscape mode with a gentle push. A side view shows that the display is attached to the back of a chair-shaped speaker and base. The screen can rotate 90 degrees for a more comprehensive view of the caller on the other end.

The Portal costs $199 and has a 720p screen resolution that stays fixed in a horizontal oriented with a speaker. The Portal screen is dotted like a letter “i” by a single camera.

Portal Smart Camera Features

The Portal Smart camera has a lens which 140degree of view. It is wide enough to capture the whole living room, but with the help of Smart camera software Portal recognises a human in the frame and crops the image and zoom in, it does so smoothly, as a skilled cameraman does.

If there’s more than one person in the room, Portal Smart Camera will automatically zoom out and re-crop to fit everyone in the frame. If you want to zoom in on just one single person tap on the screen and select “Spotlight Mode”, which locks Portal’s camera onto one face and body and keep that particular person centred in the frame no matter who else comes and goes. This feature is my favourite, and it makes the Portal more advanced than other dedicated video chat gadgets

Private View

Both the gadgets Portal and Portal Plus comes with the physical button to shut the camera and microphone off within a single tap. Entrance to the device can also be bound with a passcode.
The Facebook says it will not “listen or view or keep the data of your Portal video chat,” and your call is secure. Since they take place in Messanger and are encrypted in transit and Portal and Portal Plus also offers the ability to delete your voice history in Facebook Activity Log as often as you need it and whenever you wish to remove than eliminate it.


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