Facebook built an AI which can identify offensive memes
Image Source: DNA India

Facebook Inc has got more than 2.2 billion users who can share the staggering number of images on the platform. This will run on the platform each day in which the social giant needs the catalog. It can add the search results, and it can also scan for the harmful content. To handle the task, the company has now designed a very sophisticated artificial intelligence which is known as Rosetta. It was revealed that the existence of the system in a blog post from the company which was published today.

It is said that every day, Rosetta will extract the text on a variety of the languages which is said t be more than billion publicly shared images on Facebook as well as Instagram. The system can able to analyze the contents of not only standalone files which are also individual frames within videos. It will scan all the image on which it is overlaid which will lead to the engineers I order to equip Rosetta with the predictive capabilities.

The system that approaches the text analysis which is as so-called sequence prediction problem. It will analyze the images as well as it will use the historical data which is rather than the visual profile of the individual characters to understand the writing. Facebook said that the approach would enable the Rosetta which can recognize any type of words of any length which is even the ones that it was not exposed to during the training phase of development.

Facebook is used Rosetta to power several different features that make images explorable which is via the Facebook as well as Instagram respective search functions. It helps to determine how the Newsfeed as well as for the offensive content. It will be extended to more areas in the future.


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