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Facebook is always on the top, whenever we talk about the social platform globally. The main reason behind the success of Facebook is that it owns major social services such as WhatsApp and Instagram. They can easily dominate a user’s social life practically.

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messanger are going to merge together and this news is openly reported. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is taking this step to combine all these social services. The reason behind this step is to combine and keep in a single stage or protocol.

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One of the main and the most valid reason for merging these social services is to give access to users to communicate over the three social services more quickly. And as per The New York Times, this idea can be implemented by the end of this year or next year.

As per the given information, the newly united backend will continue the end-to-end encryption required to stop the message being seen by third parties. In simple word, it simply means that all these social platforms should be higher secured, but in fact, it is not or you can say there was any doubt about that.

This is the main reason behind the rumors and news has not been spread all over the world. Already many people are willingly leaving Facebook in crowds and with a valid reason. As we all know that head of all social media platform Facebook has been hacked and experienced data leaks many times over the last few years. And Messanger is a part of Facebook and it looks like that messenger app was likely affected seeing user’s personal chats revealed to hackers.

The main thing which is going to happen after all three social services like WhatsApp, Messanger, and Instagram are combined is not cleared till now. But you can assure that your data will be at the heart of this combination. Many people even suggesting that if pressured, Facebook could build a helpful back door for passing law requirement to spy on Whatsapp users when required.

For so many years, WhatsApp is kept far away from Facebook Messanger. But now this time WhatsApp is merging and many people will have chosen its time to figure out the popular messaging services. So what’s in your mind, what will you choose for best and secure messaging apps? There are massaging apps which use end to end encryption to ensure your personal data and private chats remain in the same way.


Freely available messaging app Viber, in which there are more than 900 million listed users. Viber is developed and made by a Luxembourg based company. It is now rolling out end to end encryption and start enabling it to face with the likes of WhatsApp, security reason. Viber also provides the best quality of voice calls performing it a better or you can say the best option when calling overseas.


A much-loved security industry people worldwide, encryption is of the best and favourite secure messaging app Signal. Further to its qualification, Signal’s encryption engine is open authorization, which can help and support security because a huge number of people are regularly or in simple words frequently testing and fixing the code. The app is available free of cost and much easy to handle and the best thing about this app is that it is available on several numbers of the platform.


Wickr app is available free of cost and also works on both iOS and Android, it is the same app which gives a full secure end to end encryption is Wickr. Such as Signal, the app was made more secure when it is again developed in August 2017, so the people all over the world are able to examine it and surely repair any bugs which appear. Further, Wickr also provides “bug bounty” whoever found any bug or bug related to theft or other vulnerability on the platform.

Which Service To Choose?

There are many other options available out there such as iMessage on the iPhone, Wi-Fi enabled messaging services in Apple. But at the end, it down to a private choice: For business users the best app is Wickr. And people who are willing to communicate with their family members or friends are better off using a consumer-friendly social platform that others can also join.


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