Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Smart Speakers

Facebook is planning to launch its smart speakers internationally first before bringing the speakers to the US. Facebook is planning this as the American users and politicians are questioning about their privacy norms after the Cambridge Analytica.

As per Bloomberg reports, Facebook is working on a smart speaker project from last August. The company is rumored to bring two smart devices, the first device is called as Portal, and it comes with a 15.6-inch touchscreen and the second is a smaller device, and it is just the speaker. The company is planning to announce this at F8 Developer Conference on Tuesday, and this is said to be the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and Alphabet’s Google Home Products. The devices will also be coming with smart voice assistant who is tied to Facebook’s artificial intelligence program known as M.

M also powered a personal assistant chatbot on Messenger, but Facebook has shut this during January.  This program is now completely closed, but Facebook is now trying to develop the program to a voice assistant which will follow voice commands. The company has also worked on Speech recognition systems.

Facebook on Tuesday announced M Translations at F8, a Messenger and Marketplace feature which helps in translating foreign languages into a Messenger users default language. As per source, the company will be calling its new program as M, and another source has given the name of that program as Marvin.

Facebook has delayed the launch of it speaker due to the ongoing issues about the privacy of users due to the Cambridge Analytica. The problem is about the collection and selling if users data to a third party app by Facebook and its partners. The Congress has summoned CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Congress has summoned him over the issue related to the data privacy in April. The company has accepted that there has been a significant lapse about this and it made several moves and amendment in its law which allow users to control their privacy and access to the data.

According to the CNBC’s report, an international rollout will help the company to avoid some of the scrutinies in the US. This will let Facebook catch up with the companies like Google and Amazon who have a lot of experience in this voice assistant field.

The news speakers by the company draw the attention of the users towards it, and an international rollout will help the company have a big splash in the competitive market. Many marketers said that the Facebook is late to join this market concerning Google and Amazon’s smart speakers. Some report about the Facebook voice assistant confirms that the speaker will use Facebook’s M assistant feature which was shut down by the company.  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said to the press that his company has already sold about “tens of millions” of Alexa-enabled devices.


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