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On Friday, Facebook had announced that it would be scrapping the Trending News section. This section usually shows on the right-hand side of the homepage of Facebook, and it had shown the news stories in which people were discussing and sharing.

According to  Alex Hardiman, who is the head of the Facebook’s new products said in a statement that they are going to remove the Trending section very soon to make the place for the Future news experiences on Facebook. She added by saying that the company is going to explore new ways to help the people who stayed informed as they believe that the news which they see on the Facebook is trustworthy and from quality sources.

This Trending News section has launched in the year 2014, and it features shortlists which had let the people tap into the most popular stories of the moment. But this section also bought some problems for the company as they are accused of suppressing the conservative news. They have addressed this issue by firing the human editors in the year 2016, and then they opted for the algorithms to make the unbiased selections and a fertile environment which are vulnerable to every kind of information.

As per the research which was done by the Facebook, it said that the people had found the product to be less useful and for this, they will be removing this section along with other third-party partner integrations which uses this Trends API. The company said that the module sees less than 1.5 percent clicks to the news publishers and as a result, the researchers have found out that the product is less useful for all the people.

The company is now testing with new news products which include the section “Today In” which includes breaking and local news. Facebook is also planning to launch a dedicated section for live coverage and news briefing in the Watch product section. They are now labelled with about 80 publishers worldwide, and it will be helping to the label to differentiate their posts from other text and signal, as said by the company.

As per the Recode, publishers are allowed to leave a breaking news tag on a story till 6 hours, but it is now on testing mode and doesn’t cost the story’s ranking in the people’s feeds.


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