Fake Apple Product | Know How To Avoid Being Fooled | How products reach the US consumer market


Fake Apple Product | Know How To Avoid Being Fooled | How products reach the US consumer market

When shopping online, be kept in mind of reviews and “MFi certified” (MFi is short for “Made for iPhone”). Many online sellers copy the image of Apple’s product and sell them with the great offers to attract the customer to buy it, and even customers get excited and buy that product.


Fake Apple Product | Know How To Avoid Being Fooled | How products reach the US consumer market

Apple’s Original iPhone power adapter is white and certified with a letter in the name of UL, the global safety and certification company based in Northbrook.
Some fakes go so far as to Spoof Apple’s logo, even on products with four-star ratings on Amazon. One way to make sure is it original or not is to check and make sure the spelling of words such as “California” is correct or not.

Fake Apple Stores in China started to Shut Down, But Apple can’t do anything about it.

There were more than 25 Apple stores in the southern Chinese town of Shenzhen. But Apple only has only one Official store and five authorized dealers in the areas. It indicates that other stores in that areas are not licensed, and they are the fake one, but still sell Apple products many of them provide with the appropriate Apple product which looks the same as the original Apple product in Apple Store. The employees work in the store wearing the same Blue T-shirts with a White Apple Logo, and in the display areas, they were displaying the Fake Products such as iPad, iPod, iPhones, and Apple watch on the same wooden table which you see in the original Apple Store.
But none of them hold the light to an enormous fake Apple Store in Kunming, the administrative division of China.
the BirdAbroad, a blogging website, has written about the Stores, written by a 27-year-old blogger Jessica Angelson from America, and she worked for the public health organization in Kunming in 2011.
After a short time away from the city, she found that three Apple Stores had rapidly go upwards. In her absence and she noticed that all of them were fake because she saw “Apple Store.” written on its signs, whereas Apple doesn’t feel the need to add anything to its Iconic Apple Logo and Angelson also discovered, Apple only had four real Stores in China, two of them are in Beijing and another two in Shanghai.
When Angelson go to the fake Apple store and talk with the Employes working in the store, even employe believes that the store was real, they also were fooled.
Eventually, Chinese trade officials conducted an official investigation to investigate the fake Apple store in China, and they found more than 22 fake Apple Stores open in the same city. Some were shut down by the government, but numbers of Stores appeared than ever in the run-up to launch of the iPhone 6S. As pre-order demand outstripped supply, unauthorized Apple store took advantage, and some employees in fake stores told press agency that they were buying the iPhone 6S from Hong Kong, United States as well as China, and smuggling them across the border.


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