space X, Falcon 9

Falcon Heavy has now emerged as the most powerful rocket in the Earth. As per the report, Space X has won its first contract; it can be said that it’s first big-ticket where it will deliver a classified military payload. Space X has cornered a $130 million contract, and now Space X’s Falcon Heavy will carry the Air Force Space Command-52 (AFSPC-52) satellite into the Earth’s lower orbit.

This week the Air Force officially announced that the $130 million contract to deliver the AFSPC-52 satellite which will be held in 2020 has awarded to SpaceX. The Falcon Heavy has beaten the Martin venture and United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4 rocket. The Falcon Heavy will be blasted off from Kennedy Space Center, situated in Florida.

The Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center have informed that it was looking for something which can reduce the cost of launch and can offer successful access to space. The Delta 4 launch will cost around $350 million which is quite higher than the launch cost of the Falco Heavy, which is still relatively untested. After the contract, this is the fifth procurement of the Phase 1A of the EELV program since the time SpaceX entered the space industry market bay challenging ULA. As per the sources, Space X has spent around $60 million and two years to get military certification for its Falcon 9. The company also registered a lawsuit against the USAF which was dropped before certification.

According to information, in October Falcon Heavy will be used to launch the Air Force STP-2 demonstration mission. After that, there will be the Arabsat commercial launch.  For now, Space X has a lot of time to work on the Falcon Heavy to avoid any errors during the launch. The previous Falcon 9 mission carrying multi-billion Zuma satellite went wrong.  



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