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On Friday, US regulators have approved that the first drug which was developed by them for reducing the excessive sweating. This is caused among people who are suffering from anxiety, and it affects their social lives.

Dermira has said that its topical cloth is used for excessive armpit sweating and was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and it provides with patients with an option which comes with the easy-to-use option, and it is a very embarrassing condition for many. This drug will be available for people from October.

In a report, it is estimated that 15.3 million Americans are suffering from excessive sweating, but only 1 in 4 will get treatment. As per the current treatment options which include Botox injections, surgery, using lasers and other treatment options. The drugs have approved for other conditions which block the body’s chemical messengers which help in reducing the sweat production throughout the body.

The treatment, Qbrexza who have works by blocking receptors which is responsible for sweat gland activation, and it can be used once a day, and the company had said this in a statement. It is said that about 10 million people are getting affected by the condition which is known as axillary hyperhidrosis and it results in sweating beyond what is needed for regulating the normal body temperature.

According to Tom Wiggins, who is Chief Executive Officer has said to Reuters in a statement that they have heard from a patient in a very happy mood about this treatment. They are glad that something has finally come out for them at last.

At present, Allergan’s Botox injection will be used to treat the condition. The other types of treatments are antiperspirants, and it is said to be costliest alternatives like laser therapy, and it is well-localized surgery like liposuction to remove sweat glands.



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