FDA approves to treat patients with opioid withdrawal symptoms

The US Food and Drug Administration has permitted the first non-opioid treatment to help the adults manage the opioid withdrawal symptoms. The agency is looking to continue the development of the therapies by encouraging the patients to follow this who are suffering from the addiction.

The battle against the opioid addiction in the US has got a new form of weapon which will help the patients to manage the symptoms of the withdrawal. The name of the medicine is Lucemyra, which is going to help the patients to treat opioid withdrawal in the United Kingdom. FDA in its statement said that Lucemyra is not the treatment for the opioid use disorder, but when it is tested in the clinics, it has shown to reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms which was experienced by the patients when they start to stop taking the opioids cold turkey.

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According to the Scott Gottlieb who is the FDA Commissioner said, “We’re developing new guidance to help accelerate the development of better treatments, including those that help manage opioid withdrawal symptoms. We know that the physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal can be one of the biggest barriers for patients seeking help and ultimately overcome addiction.”

The approval of the Lucemyra comes after 20 states, and hundreds of cities have filed lawsuits against the opioid-painkiller makers and distributors. Many companies have denied the allegations and given consent about the commitments for safe and responsible use of prescriptions medications. They have alleged that the addiction crisis is misinterpreting the drug risks. The treatment is said to be available commercially in the US from August.

Lucemyra, which is also called as lofexidine hydrochloride, is an oral treatment which helps in reducing the release of the norepinephrine. This helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, nausea and sleep problems. These symptoms can develop after stopping the use of opioids. The approval for the treatment by the Lucemyra is only for 14 days.

The side effects of the Lucemyra treatment are slow heart rate, low blood pressure, sedation, dizziness, and sleepiness. There can also be the case of fainting but when the treatment is stopped the patients will have high blood pressure, as said by FDA.  Dr. Scot Gottlieb said, “The fear of experiencing withdrawal symptoms often prevents those suffering from opioid addiction from seeking help. And those who seek assistance may relapse due to continued withdrawal symptoms.”


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