Flight attendants most likely to get cancer, Study Says

In a new study, it said that the flight attendants are at high risk of getting cancer than any other person. This study which was published in the journal Environmental Health has done the study on the cancer rates which is among the US airline-cabin crew relatives with the overall American population.

AS per the study the results that the researchers have shocked many as it shows that the occurrence of the cancer is high among the flight attendants. The rates of cancer are high mostly for uterine, breast, cervical, thyroid and gastrointestinal cancer. These may cause due to many factors and not for only a single factor, as said by the study.

The scientists from the Harvard University who have carried this study concluded that after examining the data of more than 5,300 US-based flight attendants who have taken part in this online survey. This survey has taken place in between December 2014 to June 2015 and it is a part of the larger Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study. These data were then compared to the surveys which are filled out by 2,700 with other Americans who have similar levels of education and income. This came as shocking news as the flight attendants are constantly under good diet, doing exercises and have good health but despite all this, they are at high risk of getting cancer.

The research said that the health risks are arises due to regular exposure by cabin crews to ultra-violet cosmic radiation than an average person. This occurs at high altitudes where the cosmic radiation can pass through the less atmospheric filtering. According to the authors of the study, jet lag may be another reason for cancer.

The US flight attendants union have already released a statement on this study, saying it that it will now be encouraging all the airlines and its manufactures to prevent the exposures and change the working conditions to reduce the risks.


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