Breast cancer, woman

In a recent development, a Florida woman who has breast cancer given three months time to live is now cancer-free patient and thanks to new experimental immunotherapy.  It was two and half years ago; doctors had told her that she would not be living more than three months.

The name of the woman is Judy Perkins, who is 52 years of old from Port Lucie. She is now said to the cancer-free woman due to the new treatment which helps her to cure the breast cancer that she was suffering. She said that she got tennis ball sized tumors in her liver and also secondary cancers are spread throughout her body. The conventional treatment does not work on her, but this treatment has helped her body to harnessed billions of her immune cells, as reported by the BBC.  After the treatment, she said that she felt the tumor present in the chest felt shrinking and it took another week to disappear from the body completely.

According to Dr. Steven Rosenberg of the National Institutes of Health said that Perkins had got a mastectomy and all her lymph nodes are removed, and it went through the chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. When these methods failed to halt cancer spread to the chest and liver, the doctors said that she was going to die within some months.

Rosenberg had studied the immune cells of Perkins and found that the white blood cells are capable of detecting the genetic mutations and can fight cancer. The scientists then extracted these white cells and grew them in a lab and then inject them in her with 90 billion new cells.  Rosenberg said that it seems the white cells present inside her seems that they are still working to keep her cancer free.

Perkins had signed up for the cancer trail knowing that there were risks involved and she had sent two friends of her with cancer to Rosenberg’s lab for the same treatment that she got but both of them died, as reported by NBC. Rosenberg said that this treatment is still in the experimental stage and it is not yet ready for widespread use. He said that this treatment may be the way for cancer treatment and can save lives in future.



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