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After the update, it seems that Fortnite servers are back to work or you can say the server is back online, but till now, we really don’t know why and how the servers went down in the first place. And if you are getting server problem presently then please try restarting your client.

Due to Fortnite servers down many numbers of users feel helpless and due to this, it is causing players to not be able to login into the royale battle. Examining the Epic Games status page, its look like that there are huge interruption overall Epic Games services, including the Epic store. Epic already has knowledge about the problem, and also tweets that they are “working on a resolution.”

Image Source: Lifehacker

Fortnite Server Down?

As per the report by Down Detector, Fortnite begins experiencing some server problems around 8 p.m. EST. They’re going to be an hour, with players twitting about the server problems and also twitting that they are not able to play their favorite game.

While logging up in a PC, you will able to see a dialogue box, in which it is written “Login Failed: Network Failure” while trying to check the server status. When trying to log in to the client on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4, the user is also seeing the “Not allowed” message. Here are some tweets from sour fans who are thinking that they can not enter the game.

And if you are also facing this server problem, there is nothing to worry about it as it is not your fault and you can do nothing about it. Epic’s servers are presently undergoing some type of problems that can only be resolved with the help of Epic’s backend team. There are collision data and ideas about bugs that are DDOSed or eliminating game from Fortnite. We do not understand anything yet and it is not clear why the game is presently down.

People from all over the world is tweeting and reporting server and login issues and the Epic Games Public Status page lists this as a “Huge Blackout”.

The company also tweets “We are aware that players are encountering problems when attempting to use Epic Games services,” “We are presently working on a resolution and will keep you updated.”

“As we also have recognized a problem in logins and some players may have a problem in connecting to Epic Games services,” the company wrote on the Status Page. “After a short time, we will keep you updated as we work towards a resolution.”

It is too early to declare that the outage will affect tomorrow’s 7.30 update and latest grenades in the game, but we absolutely look Fortnite go down for a long time in the past. It is in line with the likelihood that this issue will be fixed immediately after the post goes active.


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