Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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As we all know this year is for foldable phones. This year might be an official year for releasing foldable phones. At 2019 Mobile World Congress event we have seen, there were many big and popular phone brands. That they are, going to launch their first foldable phone this year such as Huawei, TCL, and Motorola. And we also know that Samsung is not the foremost phone company to launch its first foldable smartphone in the foldable phone market, it is like participating in a contest, especially in the same market.

That is the main reason behind the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold at 2019 Mobile World Congress, unpacked event held in February, it attracts, more customers as compared to other 4, foldable phones. The foremost reason behind the attraction is that Samsung has also, announced the 5G phone. Several buyers have fascinated by the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and out of many, some of the buyers are not able to buy it given its price, due to tricky design and short available stock. The alternative, Samsung has announced its commitment flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10, which most people can able to buy it.

We are not blaming you if, you liking both phones, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Fold. If you ask me, I would, stay on Samsung Galaxy S10 as it is reliable and familiar, but if, we take a look on Galaxy Fold then it represents the bold and exciting features. If you really, want to know the differences between Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold – Design

One of the main difference between both Galaxy phones is the design. While Samsung pulls the Galaxy S10’s design sharply as compared to the Galaxy S9 Note, but Galaxy Fold designs a new form factor completely.

The Galaxy Fold, it directly indicated by its name, it has a foldable OLED screen. When you look at the phone it, look same like a secondary 4.6-inch display phone that appear as its “cover,” which has all, the normal features, the usual phone has, that you have expected on a phone. And if you want to feel or see bigger than, just open the Fold and it opens up in a book style and become a 7.3-inch display tablet.

Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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Many of us are thinking that there will be a visible line across the screen but, Samsung has achieved this design with not a single visible line across the screen, the Galaxy Fold has what the company designates the “Infinity Flex Display.” As the OLED screen has made with a lavish plastic material, the can bend and fold thousands of times without any damage. Thankfully, with the help of Google’s Operating System, the app will adjust according to the display sizes as well.

And if we take a look on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S10 features a more traditional phone style. Although the design is similar, it is not accurately common, it sustains a sleek glass covering it and thin bezels make the display screen much bigger from its previous 5.6 to 6.1-inch display phones. And luckily, it also comes in various new colors, but not, every color is available yet, such as yellow, pink and an iridescent white.

Camera – Samsung Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

There is a total of 4 cameras in Samsung Galaxy S10, which is enough for several users, like to thanks Samsung for this wonderful specification. There is only one camera in front and three cameras in the backside. The rear camera has ultra-wide-angle, a wide-angle and telephoto lenses and the front camera is of 10-megapixel.

And if we take look on the Galaxy Fold cameras, it has a wide range of cameras, as it has a total of 6 cameras in it. Six cameras are way enough, but if Samsung main focus is that users should able to take a picture in any matter what is in, it is understandable that there are so many in the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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On the back side, Samsung Galaxy Fold has a similar triple-camera setup as the Samsung Galaxy S10. Galaxy Fold camera has ultra-wide-angle, a wide-angle and telephoto lenses and the front camera is of 10-megapixel. But when user will open the Galaxy Fold and when it becomes a tablet, then you will able to see, two more additional cameras, one camera is for a selfie and the second camera is of the 8-megapixel depth camera.

This second camera is used for depth sensing, which means it will use the second lens, not for the software algorithm, but to render a portrait image with a blurry effect and depth field effect.

Price – Samsung Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

Last year, when Samsung has launched its Galaxy Note 9, many customers are unwilling to accept it at the price tag of $1000 (£899 and AU$1,499). But after this Galaxy Fold said, “Hold my beer,” and expose himself to spend $ 1,980 (about £ 1,500 or AU $ 2,800).

In some criteria, we all know why the Galaxy Fold is so costly. The foldable design, multiple screens, total numbers of cameras: 6, huge battery backup. Certainly, at the present moment, that particular people are holding onto their phones longer like, a new design and different technology are way enough to justify an expensive upgrade to users. And the most important point, it is the same as, you are having two products at the same time, such as a phone and a tablet in one hand.

Simply the truth for utmost users is that they can not manage to buy it, or fear of using $ 2,000 smartphones. As in this particular money, anyone can go through two generations of the Galaxy S-Phone (if the prices are relatively similar), or your next phone upgrade is up to eight years (if you update it each year) with four $ 500 Moto Z Phone!

Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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If you really want to buy a Samsung flagship smartphone then, I would prefer you to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 as it will also adjust according to your pocket. And would be more wallet-friendly. If you ask me about the affordable phone, I will suggest you a phone which is starting at $900. If you are looking for the most affordable and cheaper Galaxy S phones then, you must consider the Galaxy S10E, which is of $750.

The main thing to notice is that Samsung Galaxy S10 has the exact processor and most of the top specifications as the Galaxy Fold, and surely it will not going to be outdated than the other. Well, there is almost one thing which is uncommon between Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy S10 is that S10 does not have the amazing foldable screen.

5G, Storage, Battery, And Fingerprint Scanner – Samsung Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

5G – Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

The next generation high-speed mobile data is being completed by 2019 and 2020 and almost every phone will be compatible with 5G in the near future. The Galaxy S10 is a separate version known as the S10 5G, which will run on the network (the price is still to be decided (TBD), but it will probably be more expensive). Similarly, there will be two versions of the Galaxy Fold, the one which works on 4G and the other which work on 5G.

Fingerprint Scanner – Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold VS Samsung Galaxy S10: How To Choose
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Although its unofficial form, the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy Folder is in a very traditional location: the power button in the side. In this way, the user can access that the phone is open or closed. But the Galaxy S10’s scanner is within its display screen, but it’s a new innovation that has been adopted by OnePlus 6T, Oppo R17, Vivo X20 Plus UD, and many others.

Storage – Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

If we compare both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, we have two storage options, one is of 128GB and second is of 512GB, and the Galaxy Fold only has the latter and it also does not have the capability to expand the storage, and we look at Samsung Galaxy S10, it can hold further 512GB of storage, which means user can keep up to twice of the Galaxy Fold. And it will really help the user, to store a lot of photos and videos.

Battery – Galaxy S10 And Galaxy Fold

The similar feature that both the devices have, is wireless charging feature and the best part about this feature is that both devices can wireless charge other devices, also. But if we talk about battery life than the winner is Galaxy Fold. As the huge display screen, Galaxy Fold has extra battery power than Galaxy S10. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a battery of 4380mAh and if we compare it with Galaxy S10, it is double of it. As Galaxy S10 has a battery of 3400mAh. But we also know that each and every year Samsung’s flagship smartphone normally tops our best battery life list.


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