Galaxy s9, LTE

Samsung launches the recent smartphones Galaxy S9, and S9 + have shown that the smartphones have the faster LTE speeds. The speed of the connectivity is up to 42 percent faster as compared to other handsets and this sound like another achievement made by the company.

Research which is conducted by wireless analytics company Ookla said that Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the fastest phones regarding internet speeds. The test which has carried by the firm has confirmed that the Samsung’s Android smartphones have better speed which is about 42 percent more as compared to its rivals in downloading and streaming any kind of content from the World Wide Web.

Galaxy s9, LTE

When Galaxy S9 and S9+ is compared with Apple’s iPhone X, it shows that the Samsung phones are saving about 10 minutes while downloading a 10 episode TV show season.  The CAT 18 4G LTE modem which is present inside the Galaxy S9 line is the main reason for the high-speed internet and supports up to 1.2 Gbps. Ookla says that the speed is so high that it consume 8GB of data in just 26 minutes. The test comes after the Samsung’s claim for the high-speed internet service of the new Android flagships and says to have a record-breaking world record in March.

The study which was done on major nationwide carriers on 4G LTE networks from February to April this year. The modems which are present in the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is said to be faster than any other handsets. The Galaxy S9 has got huge power, and it is capable of fast data speeds. One can find many instances where the Galaxy S9 can finish the downloading of an app or video file with many seconds faster than iPhone X or Pixel 2.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are now celebrating the two-month anniversary of the commercial availability. Samsung is now satisfied with the initial sales, but the company has not attached any specific figures to those claims. Samsung has claimed to offer the latest chips and record-breaking Internet speed along with high-class photography tools which have variable-aperture lenses. These lenses help the user to take the photos in all lighting conditions and subjects.


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