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A study which is published by global health service company Cigna, which shows 46 percent of US adults used to feel lonely and about 47 percent shows they feel left out.

These type of people don’t have any companionship. They used to stay lonely for hours to some days. Loneliness now becomes a lifestyle for them. In this survey, about 20,000 young people are surveyed. In this survey, all the participants are asked questions and were given a score from 20 to 80. The people who all have scored 43 and above are said to be lonely.

Douglas Nemecek, who is the MD and chief medical officer for Behavioral Health at Cigna, told, “Loneliness is defined as a feeling of being alone or lacking social connectedness. At Cigna, we’ve heard more and more from our customers and individuals calling us that they’re feeling lonely, alone and disconnected from others.”

Old research shows that the loneliness occurs due to some health issues which includes diabetes, heart disease, and depression. This plays an important role in substance to abuse and diminishes the quality of life. Some other studies suggest that the loneliness and isolation can lead to an early death.

Generation Z whose age is between 18 and 22 are found to be the loneliest generation in the study with a score of 48.3. Loneliness can have a negative effect on one’s mental and physical health. Health disease like heart stroke, cancer can occur in them. Millennials whose age is from 23 to 37 had got a score of 45.3, then comes generation X whose age is in between 38 to 51 with a score of 45.1 and in the last is Greatest Generation whose age is 72 or over have a score of 38.6.

According to Nemecek,” We hear all the time about social media and being connected. What our study found, however, is that the level of attachment with social media did not impact loneliness one way or the other.” Other study found that excessive social media use can also lead to suicide and depression in teenagers. The study done by Cigna hopes that this study will have an impact on the people and they will start interacting with each other and will try to stop the feeling of loneliness.


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