France, giant worms

In a recent study, Jean-Lou has received the first photograph of the giant worm whose head is like a shovel, and all the biologist are shocked after seeing the image. This has been observed by an amateur gardener, and this is not every time that their findings are subject to scientific study. But, French naturalist Pierre Gros has alert other professional entomologists about this giant predatory worm invasion.

Justine, who is the professor at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris said that these Hammerhead Flatworms could grow to a foot or more in length and they are not from European vegetable gardens. These predatory worms are native to the Asia, where they get warmer sun.

Giant predatory worms Invaded France from Asia

In a Peer J Study which is published on May 22nd, 2018, titled “ Giants worms chez moi!”. This study was done by zoologist Jean-Lou Justine of the Muesuem National d’ Histoire Naturelle in Paris, who is an entomologist colleague and Gros, who outlines the discovery about the unexpected blind spot of scientists and authorities who are facing the invasion by conspicuous large invasive animals.

The gardener has taken the first photo and emailed it to Justine with the second photo that he took a week later. It seems from the photo that it is completely different species of giant worm. When Gros sent the third photo of the worm, Justine thought at first that this might be a prank by thinking, “The man is bringing back worms from his travels, and he pretends he finds them in his garden.”

Gros is not an international worm-smuggler or a prankster. For this, Gros and Justine, who is the co-author of this new report have published yeh study in the Journal PeerJ on Tuesday. The report says that they have stumbled upon an alien predator who is in the soil under our feet.

According to the entomologist Archie Murchie, who is of Britain’s Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute and is not the part of the study said, “The species are cryptic, and soil-dwelling so can be easily overlooked, which often explains their inadvertent shipment around the world.” Worms usually spread and they continue to spread with this increased global trade, as said by Murchie.

Hammerhead flatworms which are spotted in French territories which include a blue type of colour is said to be the newly discovered species.


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