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In this digitalised world where everything is dependent on the internet, getting a spam mail is considered as an annoying thing and demands more security both on behalf of user and service provider. Google has been very keen on filtering spams and preventing them from entering the Gmail user’s inbox. But now, many users are informing that they are getting spam emails in their Gmail inbox.

The most exciting part of the latest spam emails are, they are sent from the user’s account. That spam emails arriving in the inbox appear as if they are being posted by the user themselves with a ‘Me’ marked in the inbox. Many users complained that they saw a host of spam emails being sent to the accounts that they did not know. All the spam emails sat in the sent folder g the user’s Gmail account. Many frustrated Gmail users noted that the spam emails kept on coming despite updated passwords as well as two-factor authentication.

A security glitch allowed spammers to get over the Gmail spam detection filters. The spam emails had the subject “weight loss and growth supplements for men”. A common thing about all these spam emails is that all of them were sent via Telus is a very reputed Canada-based telecommunication company. Many affected Gmail users have complained about the spams on the Gmail Help Forum as well as Google Help Forum.

A Gmail user wrote in the Google Help Forum, “My email account has sent out three spam emails in the past hour to a list of about ten addresses that I don’t recognise. I changed my password immediately after the first one, but then it happened two more times again.” Replying to the spam mail complaints, a Google spokesperson said, “We are aware of a spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users and have actively taken measures to protect against it.”


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