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In near future, Google might well have another option to voice matching whenever you want to use Google Assistant to meet your requirements. The newest beta version for Android’s Google app holds code reference to a previously hinted at Face recognition feature that, just as the name indicates, it will scan your Face to provide tailored commands on camera-equipped devices. Although it does not have a complete report, you have to instruct the system and add several devices in your Google Assistant. Your face profile will not be restricted to a gadget, which some of the companies do in the name of security.

image source : Google

And now you can also ask or request other people to create their profile. There is no hint or you can say proof that when Face Match will release, only we can believe that it will launch in the first place. The lack of imagery and other materials means that it cannot come for a while. Although it can be understood. Unless you have a camera in your device, you are able to inspect sensitive information or issue commands without making a voice profile. It can also be an accessibility feature for those who can not speak yet get a customized, personalized experience in multi-user at home.

Face Match

In April.1018, Google app 8.1 announced that they are working on a Google Assistant feature codename “Avocado” that simply indicate and mean that a new menu is adding in a Google Assistant setting. And after a long period of 9 months, it has come into sight of Google app 9.10 as “Face Match.”

It is way similar to the existing Voice Match authentication as its style is same as existing Voice Match authentication, Face Match allows users to “Set Up,” “Retain,” and “Remove” a scan of your face to unlock the personal report or in simple words you can say it will give you the permission to get an access to your personal results over your Google Assistant devices.

The main dilemma is to know exactly how Face Match works. The interesting part is you can “invite” several other people to make a Face Match to get access in shared devices, giving a hint that it is not a single plan feature.

The current circuit hanging also points to working on “multiple_devices” with phones and smart displays, which are currently the most likely candidates with the presence of front cameras. The way in which it is expressed also indicate that it is working on a “multiple devices” with smartphones and phones at the present time, being the most suitable candidates given the presence of rear cameras.

<string name=”face_match_add_device_button_text”>Add a device</string>

<string name=”face_match_enabled_devices_section_title”>set up on:</string>

<string name=”face_match_invite_summary”>Description for invite</string>

<string name=”face_match_invite_title”>Invite others</string>

<string name=”face_match_remove_summary”>Description for remove</string>

<string name=”face_match_remove_title”>Remove</string>

<string name=”face_match_retrain_summary”>Description for retrain</string>

<string name=”face_match_retrain_title”>Retrain your Assistant</string>

<string name=”face_match_set_up_button_text”>Set up Avocado</string>

As per the rumor, 

During this update, Assistant is proving a universal “Face Match” icon as same as we found in the Android lock screen when using Smart Lock’s Trusted Face feature.


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