Google Chrome 70 Block Most Sites | How To Prevent It From Get Blocked | Chrome 69
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HTTPS Certificates

An HTTPS certificate secures your data communication between the device and the Web Server using encryption and makes it impossible for wrong participants to intercept.
HTTPS Certificates allow the user to visit the Web Page and ensures users, that the page you are visiting is reliable and no hacking attempt has made on it.

Google Chrome 70 Block Most Sites | How To Prevent It From Get Blocked | Chrome 69

The giant search engineGoogle Chrome 70 is expected to be released on 16 October when the browser will start blocking most of the sites that run Symantec certificates issued before June 2016, including VeriSign, RapidSSL, Legacy branded certificates.

Notwithstanding more than a year to prepare, many popular Websites are not ready.
In a report, 1139 sites in the top one million sites ranked by Alexa, including the Federal Bank Of India, Citrus, SSRN, Pantone, the Tel Aviv city government, and Penn State Federal are few names found by Scott Helme, a security researcher.

Ferrari is in the list but recently switched to new Certificate Authority Provider, escaping any future interruptions.

Trusted And Not Trusted Certificate Authority

The majority of the Certificates Authority strictly follow the rules, regulation, and procedure. Therefore they gain the trust of the Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Symantec has lost that trust of these Browsers.
Before Symantec was accusing of issuing the wrong certificates, it was one of the leading certificate providers, but after publishing false certificate, google quits on its certificate Authority.

Google Recent Headline For Chrome 69

Removing out ‘www’ from URL provides a false attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), often for spiteful reasons, For example, A-Fraud Banking site seems way similar to the real Website, without the ‘www’ subdomain. The first site is and the second one is they are not the same site if you think it is.

The first Website is original and the second one is fraud.if you signup into the second website, sadly, your account information get shared by the hacker and misused by them.

So, when you go to any website, Google Chrome version 69 will skip off the URL and remove the HTTP or HTTPS part of the URL, but now it also removes the www part from the URL. Chrome is now hiding subdomains in the URL bar Example:(www[.]DOMAIN1[.]com shows only DOMAIN1[.]com


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