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Google along with other web businesses like Mozilla are trying to make HTTPS as the address for the shortcomings and to reduce the security flaws which is present in HTTP. As per reports of Google, it claims that about 82 percent of chrome pages in the US is now running under HTTPS.

The new upcoming Chrome browser versions are focusing on the highlights of the negative security indicators. Emily Schechter, who is the Chrome Security Product Manager has announced that Google Chrome 69 will be available in September 2018. The company will stop making the HTTPS sites as secure in green color on the address bar. The company is taking this step as it wants to make the default state as secure. Google already said earlier that from July it would mark HTTP site as insecure.

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Presently, when you visit any site which uses HTTPS, it displays a little tag in the green color and shows a lock image with word “Secure.” The user quickly knows this that the data is secure and it is encrypted safely. For this reason, many sites have jumped on the HTTPS band Google is now planning to make all the things properly. This will be done when the company will launch Chrome 69 in which it will remove the green color word secure from it. The security of the system will be not changing, but it will be more streamlined than before.

Google in a statement said that till May 12th, 2018, about 83 percent of websites which are visited by the people to browse on Chrome with the help of using Windows were HTTPS pages. The company has said that people usually visit more secure page through chrome rather than going for a secure page. Google plans to show people who visit non-HTTPS websites with a red warning icon and Not Secure label in the URL bar.

The company is making the changes to Chrome for last few years and to force websites to change to more secure HTTPS protocol. It has also rolled out warnings in which it warns peoples about the non-secure website and how they can be dangerous. The new feature which is coming is aimed to ensure that you are not typing on an unsecured website.



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