Google Chrome Version 69 clear the World Wide Web 'www' from the URL | Easy to hijack the data for hackers

Google Chrome Version 69 Effect on Removing out ‘www’ from URL:

Removing out ‘www’ from URL provides a false attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication is a new way to hijack the unwanted user. For example, A fake Banking site looks way similar to the real site, without the ‘www’ subdomain. The first site is and the second one is they are not the same site if you think it is.
The first site is real and the second one is fraud.if you signup into the second website, unfortunately, your account information get shared by the hacker.

So, when you visit any website, Google Chrome version 69 will cut off the URL and remove the HTTP or HTTPS portion of the URL, but now it also cut the www part from the URL. Chrome is now hiding (little value)subdomains in the URL bar Example:(www[.]DOMAIN[.]com shows only DOMAIN[.]com

Google Chrome Version 69 New Update:

chrome 69 https Trivial Subdomain Google chrome 69 chrome 69 changes

The most popular search engine in the world Google has announced that in the latest version 69 of Google Chrome. The search enormous has decided and confirmed that “little value.” subdomain will not display in the browser search block.
Omnibox which allow you to register a keyword with Google Chrome’s address bar is known as Omnibox. Now Omnibox tells answer as you type, HTTPS sites are no longer display, and Google Chrome also hides a lot of URLs in the URL bar.

Google Chrome Version 69 Impacts on Ranking and SEO of the Website:

Google Chrome version 69 will not directly or indirectly affect your Ranking in Google Chrome search result. But SEOs who want to fast look at the original URL of a page needs to see the URL is HTTP or HTTPS and www or Non-www.

What user think of it is it right or wrong?

” this is the lousy change. Not a single part of Domain should consider” (Trivial). Internet Service Provider, we often have to go to great lengths to teach user that”www,” and “” are two different domains and they may not get to the exact destination.


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