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There has been satisfying news from the makers of Google lately to its potential users; the latest version of Google web browser would automatically mute the sound for the Autoplay videos. This means that when the ads appear on your screen, you can choose the sound to either play or stay mute according to your wish and will not disturb you unnecessarily playing it for you.

Other than just being annoying, Autoplay videos also engulf a lot of internet data and also slows down the usual browsing speed without any necessity which is important when one is using a mobile device.

This update of Google Chrome is up to be shipped in a few days to the users. This feature has been present in the Google chrome since the very last year, but this time it would be available with some more exceptions. The Autoplay of the video would only be enabled when the media does not come with any sound or when the user shows interested in watching the video with the sound. The interest of the user to play the videos with sound depends on some factors. If the user has frequently been playing the media on the site before actually visiting from the desktop browser, if the user has clicked on the screen while the browsing session is going on, or if the user has added the site on his home screen on Smartphone, the sound will play.

Chrome will also include more granular controls in this upgrade that will enable the users to permanently block Autoplay method of the videos on a specific website domain. If anyone wants to prevent watching ad videos on YouTube or any other website, they can surely do that easily.   


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