Google Home Speakers And Smart Displays Integrated Into Apple Music
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At 2019 Mobile World Congress event, Google officially declares an Assistant for Messages on Android, and also available in Google Maps, and many other languages for bilingual support. The next best feature introduced for Google Home speakers and Smart Displays Integrated into Apple Music.

As per the reports, this evening Apple Music start appearing as a supported service for Google Assistant. And on Google devices, Apple streaming service can be selected as a default audio provider. It will also help in connecting, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and as well as Deezer in the U.S.

However, this integration is still in working mode and not yet live, with users can not able to sign-in and authenticate. Currently, Google Home Assistant respond to Apple Music command with “Voice actions aren’t available for that app.”

Once it gets launched, each and every person can use Hey Google voice command to stream songs, playlists, and several others from your Apple Music library. It also has a playback feature on Google Home and other outside party Assistant speakers, Smart Displays, and Android TV.

Google Home Speakers And Smart Displays Integrated Into Apple Music
Image Source: 9to5google

iOS, Google Assistant has the capability to accept voice command and play Apple Music in your internal files on an iPhone or iPad. If Apple Music support is live once then Android users can easily set it up by going through Assistant settings > Services tab > Music, while iOS users can visit the Google Home app > Settings > Music (beneath Google Assistant services at the bottom of the given options).

Google Home is supported by Apple Music and follows the streaming service introducing to Amazon Alexa a few years later. A method for overcoming a problem in the past involved streaming music over Bluetooth to any Google Assistant speaker. And voice command definitely, improves the user’s experience and it will take it to another level.

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Apple has announced that four of every iOS device operate on iOS 12. Google, and if we take a look on Android Pie, it still lags behind as its latest Android Pie is playing catch up is behind its previous OS versions (Jelly Bean, Oreo, and Nougat). Both the companies are established to continue their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, later this year. Google has announced a specific date for its I/O 2019 conference in May but we think it is going to take place in June.


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