Google Introduce Contact 3.2 With Dark Theme
Image Source: NaldoTech

After the last week’s encouragement that apps adopt dark themes to save battery life, Google Contact is the latest Android client to get one. In this current weeks, the company is updating its communication application, already in the dark look Google phone and in-development.

Contacts initially received a new content interface in August, and it was updated in v3.1 last month. Version 3.2 ultimately brings dark mode that you are waiting for a long time. The dark mode toggle is accessible through the pull-out menu. If you need to toggle to “have dark theme turned on in the device settings”, then you need to disable Night mode in developer options. No other changes will appear.

It should be noted that the dark theme in Google Contacts is a dark grey theme, not a real black theme. Users can also manually enable a dark theme or download a modified version in the Google Phone app. It is also advisable that other Google apps will soon have an option to enable dark theme.

Google also Tells About How You Can Save Your Phone’s Battery Life

Google has confirmed what some people have suspected for a while: You can increase your phone’s battery life by enabling Dark Mode.

If you are not familiar with dark mode – often called ‘night mode’ or ‘dark theme’ – it flips the switch on the default color scheme, swaps the bright white user interface for the dark background, Making apps and websites look kinda on your eyes at night, or for a long time.

Google had organized its 2018 Android Dev Summit last week, where it was said that the tests have shown that the use of the Google Pixel 3 AMOLED display by using Maps in Dark Mode should be staggering from 63%. However, there is an LCD display feature to do the same with the iPhone 7 but it has no effect on power usage.


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