Snapdragon, chipset, processor, google, gChip
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In the coming future, all Google handsets will be running on gChips, which is developed by a giant search engine itself and as per the reports and rumors citing job listing and industry official familiar with the matter.

The giant search engine Google has reportedly chosen more than 20 engineers and recruiters for an initiative entitled ‘gChips’ based out of Bengaluru, India. If it happens, Bengaluru has become an environment promoting the growth of chip design in current years, many teams from established semiconductor manufacturers but never before major device manufacturers like Google.

Despite, Google is not entirely new to the possibility of designing its personal silicon. Back in 2017, Google Pixel 2 introduced the Pixel Visual Core, a co-processor in a clear and detailed designed to offload some of the image crunching charges that would typically be controlled by the smartphone’s usual design Snapdragon chipset. Google Pixel 3 features the latest version and second generation of the Pixel Visual Core, and also produce some amazing and great result out of it. Better in the night.

Snapdragon, chipset, processor, google, gChip
Image Source:Greenbot

And as we know that Google is not the first one to introduced gChips or you can say first phone manufacturer to produce and develop chipset on your own. The A-series processor of Apple have yielded great analytical and consumer acclaim over generations of iPhones, iPad and in current years have typically improved faster and scored more than their Qualcomm-produced equivalents in most performance metrics.

Google can offer a smartphone with more optimized and better speed than what several third-party Android partners start out. As per the information, the gChips team could be 80-strong by the end of this year. The initiative seems in a developing stage. It indicates that you should expect to see the best flavor of Google’s labor in the time for Pixel 4’s release at the end of this year.



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