Google launches Chrome’s version 69 with impeccable features and a revamped UI
Image Source: Android Authority

Following the ten year anniversary of Chrome on Sunday, Google unveiled the version 69 of Chrome browser which is touted to be one of the versions with loads of features. Chrome has now officially joined ranks as browser makers with Microsoft and Mozilla by completely redesigning their browsers. This has been the first major revamping of Chrome since it was released in 2008. The new user interface could be spotted easily owing to the white tone that also has rounded tabs and is a drastic transition from the conventional grayish UI of Chrome that had angled tabs.

According to Chrome, the revamped UI would be aptly suited for mobile devices albeit with a substantial share of criticism from the desktop users since the start of testing the new design in the later part of April this year. The positive aspect to look for here is that the criticism is largely lesser than the backlash received by Mozilla upon the release of the Aurora interface redesign in the earlier part of the 2010s.

The new user interface has also been found to be more along the lines of Google’s Material Design language. The recent two years were witness to Google’s efforts in redesigning the settings panels of Chrome with a Material Design look. However, the release of Chrome 69 shows that the Material Design appearance has been completely integrated into the main browser interface.

Chrome 69 not only offers an aesthetically appealing and functional UI but also a varied assortment of other features. First of all, the built-in random password generator proves to be a feature not to be understated. Chrome 69 also signifies a huge initiative on behalf of Google to exclude Flash from the browser. The final objective of Google is to disable Flash completely by December 2020 with the version 87. Another feature in Chrome 69 that would catch the attention of users is the revamped New Tab page that allows users to customize the links they can see.  


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