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In a recent development, Google has announced that it would be suspending the development of another messaging app. This was announced two months ago, and the main aim of the company is now on Android Messages and to help it too carries adopt Chat. It is a new messaging protocol which is based on RCS, and it will make the texting a whole lot better.

Today, Google has announced to bring some of the features from the abandoned Allo chat app to Android Messages. These features include the ability to send the texts with the help of your computer, built in GIF searching tool, links for preview and smart replies.

It will be acts similar to the desktop messaging functions in Allo, and it can send texts in Android Messages on the computer. The only thing you need to do if you want to send messages from the computer is to visit the site and then you need to point the phone’s camera at the QR code which has appeared. After QR code got scanned, you will get authenticated, and you can then send and receive texts from inside the browser like you are using the phone.

This feature seems to be not roll out to everyone and Google is still working on it to make it better. This newly updated app also allows one user to send some animated GiFs and a term present can do it in the chat window. You need not required to press the send icon, and you need to hit the one which says GIF Search. After you pressed that, Google will be giving you a sample of lightweight clips which you can paste directly into the conversation.  If someone sends you some specific websites, it will appear hyperlink automatically. It also includes the smart replies which are based on AI generated replies by Google.

Google is now trying to make the texting way better than before, and it seems Google has some more surprise for the app in its pocket for future development.


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