Google, China

The search engine giant Google is making slow and steady progress for China, and it is ensuring that the company doesn’t miss out any growth of technology in the world’s largest country. The company is doing it since many months ago, but the evidence of the plans come forward after a product launch. It was introduced in China through the third-party app stores.

The name of the app is Files Go, and this app is like a file manager for the Android devices which was released last year, and in 2018 it was introduced in China. This app will help the users to keep the files within the storage limits of the device, and it suggests to the users about the deleting of a particular file to free up some space. The app includes the feature of searching files and to share the same with the local devices without any local internet connection.

Files Go app was designed for India as the budget Android phones are the, but the app’s popularity grew so much that it was later launched worldwide. Google is now taking the help of the partner-led approach for the distribution because the Google Play Store does not work in China. The company is now operating with Xiaomi, Baidu, and Huawei and they will stock the app in their respective app stores, and they are the country’s most prominent third-party stores.

There was a regular media speculation in which it was mentioned that the Google has desired to return to China and this is during the absence it has become the largest single market for the smartphone users. China is the country which has the most app downloads and also the highest app revenue per year. The rumours have centred about the company’s return to the Chinese market which means it would comply with the demands from the Chinese government.

After the global demand, Google is now bringing back the app to China and Google is now testing out new strategies which make plenty of sense. The launch also allows the Google to work with the third-party app stores for the distribution of the Google Play Store which was banned in China. Despite banning Google in China, it was the third product that Google has launched in China.



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