Google now testing ads in Google Feed

Google said that the company is testing a new ad placement in which Ad cards are right in the Google Feed. In this Google Feed cards, it will be looking like the rest and except for the small green “Ad” badge which will be present in the bottom of the left-hand corner.

It is not the secret that Google is supporting itself with primarily off of ads, but with Android, the operating system is pretty clear of ads. This comes when you browse the web or open an app and you start seeing something and it may irritate one, but it is going to change soon.

According to the Android Police, it was able to detect three different instances where users were seen complaining about the ads. The complaints include two people who are tweeting about the change, and one is sharing the screenshot on Google+ which shows an Applebee’s ad.

The Google feed, which is situated at the homescreen on some launchers and through the Google app. This brings the users can automatically in touch with a list of news and more. It has always been an ad-free area, but this might be a way to cover the Feed’s expenses. It is said that not all are seeing the ads, so it is believed that Google is still testing this in small batches. And there is a chance that Google never rolls this to everyone so this is not possible that everyone will see this.

Google Feed refers to the feed section which is present in the Google app for Android and iOS. The old name was known as Google Now, and it displays “Now cards”, and they are predictive with news, daily updates, and location information. In the year 2016, Google has renamed it as Feed.

The move by Google is surprising as the company desired to test advertising in the Feed and the ads drive most of the Alphabet’s revenue. The more the user shifts the behaviour from simply googling to get what they need directly in the Google app and also from the Google Assistant. Google is also going to explore the new advertising avenues.

The test will be running till it hits the statistical significance and Google will be looking at the results and see that it will be tweaked to improve them.


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