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Google is now making all efforts to return to China. The search giant Google has already detailed the plans to bring its ARCore technology which has augmented the reality and virtual reality to all the phones in China and this week, the company has announced with its first partner Xiaomi.

This ARCore technology will be available for the Xiaomi’s Mix 2S devices with the help of an app in the Xiaomi App Store. Google said in a statement that it is looking to add more partners in the Mainland China over the time slowly. The company also partnered with Huawei and Samsung, and these two companies have already been confirmed as they have signed up to distribute ARCore apps on the Chinese soil.

Xiaomi’s latest smartphone comes with the latest bezel-less phone, the Mi MIX 2S, was first to announced in the late March. The smartphone has the screen size of 5.99’’ and 1080p IPS LCD panel screen. Google said from today; the panel will be used for ARCore apps. Despite the phone being sold in China and this support has been accomplished as Google’s partnership with the Xiaomi App Store was first of its kind, as per the report.

Google main service is blocked in China till now but ARCore apps can able to work there as the technology itself works on the device without the involvement of the cloud. This means in simple words that once the apps are downloaded to the phone, there is nothing China’s internet censors can do to disrupt them. The main challenge of the Google is to distribution. The Google Play store is ban in China. In its place, China has fragmented the landscapes which are the major third-party Android app stores. This is the main reason why Google has established the deals with the likes of the Xiaomi and Huawei. They can operate their app stores which come with pre-loaded on their devices and can help Google reach the desired consumers.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is the 34th phone which supports ARCore. Google doesn’t give any more extra information about such apps which are available from the Xiaomi App Store. Google is going to host its first “Demo Day” program for the startups in Asia and have planned an event for Shangai, China which is scheduled for September.


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