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Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will be getting launched in October 2018, and it has retained the Verizon as its exclusive US carrier. As per the report of the Bloomberg, it claims that the Foxconn will be manufacturing Pixel 3 and it details several aspects of the phone’s new design.

During the last weekend, Android sites were flooded with a lot of smartphone screen protectors leak from the depths of China’s Twitter-like Weibo social media service. The leak was not published as they are from the unknown source and no one claimed the authenticity of the images.

The XL-sized Pixel 3 was reported to have a notch at the top of the display, and it did not come as a surprising move as all the changes have made to the smartphones so that it will be Android P friendly and can display cutouts. It will also feature a “nearly edge to edge screen” and also have a chin at the bottom of the model. If we look at the OnePlus 6 or LG G7, then you can know how the Pixel will look like. It claims that the Pixel 3 XL notch will not be as wide as the iPhone X, but it will be taller as reported.

According to the Bloomberg report, the regular Pixel 3 will resemble as the current Pixel 2, but it may have larger bezels than the XL model. It may not look impressive to the 2018 field of top-tier smartphones, and it would be nice. If both the models shared the same design, but this did not happen since the original Pixel came.

Both the Pixel model will have stereo speakers, and Google will continue to ignore the trend of the dual cameras on the back. The company has stuck to the single rear camera design on both the phones and Pixel 3 XL will be having two camera lenses on the front. But the use of the secondary lens is not revealed by the Bloomberg.

The sale of Pixel 2 was increased after Google addressed the early complaints about the 2 XL’s display with the help of the software updates and it is now more saturated colours. The new Pixel 3 phones may come just some days before Apple WWDC 2018 event, and this shows that the company is planning quietly to give Apple huge fighting.


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