Image Source: Technobezz

Google’s latest smartphone Pixel 3A one of the best smartphone in the price category of $500 you can get. But the most enthusiastic thing is Pixel 4 here we see why. As we all know that Steve Hemmerstoffer is known as the most astonishing leaker and owner of Slashleaks, shared a tweet in which he disclosed about the designs and look of Google’s upcoming device Pixel 4. It is to be said in the report, that the smartphone is the combination of the Samsung and Apple’s upcoming device S10 and iPhone XS, after the years of great wrapping in dated chassis.

Slashleaks also acquires the images from makers, it is to be said that Skinomi is behind the screen of upcoming pixel 4 and that is so confident they also receiving the pre-orders from the consumers. It gets to know that the screen protector provider is only Skinomi at this level that’s why they failed to get what is at the back of the phone. It is also assumed that the new Pixel 4 comes with dual or might triple camera, according to Slashleaks it comes with Dual camera.

Google made an announcement related to Pixel 4 in the month of March, but still, there is very few information get leaked about the device. In an entire contrast to the Pixel, 3 is the most leaked smartphone of the previous year for sure.

So now, Google is taking the look and design of the smartphone to another level of excellence, but with the design, the consumer also accepted more RAM than its previous model, bigger storage capacity and with better battery life than before. Pixel is delivering the best point and shoot smartphones cameras. While the rest of the manufacturers have to step up to compete with the Google Pixel. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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