Google, KaiOS

Google is now providing the startup investor to reach their goal of putting Google services like maps, search services and the voice assistant front and center for the next billion internet users who are present in the emerging markets.

The company has invested about $22 million into KaiOS, the company which has built an eponymous operating system for all types of feature phones. This packs a range of native apps which is with other smartphone-like services. This investment will make the KaiOSwork on the integrating Google services like maps, search, YouTube and Voice assistant into the KaiOS devices which is after announcing Google apps for KaiOS-powered Nokia Phones.

According to the KaiOS CEO Sebastien Codeville, it said that this funding would help the company to fast-track the development and global deployment of KaiOS-enabled smart feature phones. It allows us to connect the vast population which cannot access the internet and it is especially in all emerging markets.

Smartphones now dominate the whole mobile world and there were about 1.6 billion of them which was sold last year. These feature phones have continued to move, and it is estimated that there were about 450-500 million of them which has shipped in the year 2017.

KaisOS phones have played nearly a squarely in the latter category, and they are gaining traction in markets where the feature phone are still present. In India, these KaiOS powered phones have overtaken Apple iOS, and now they are second most popular devices after Android handsets. The company has said that there have been more than 40 million KaiOS phones which are shipped to date.

The investment done by the Google has introduced the services to feature the phone users who might be graduate to smartphones. There is also scope for holding the users, and they stay in the feature phone category which continues to evolve and can become functional.


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