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Google Maps is the most loving navigation app out there. But Google has a comparable app with some great feature and nowadays people are preferring this app rather than Google Maps, mainly Taxi drivers. This app is known as Waze app and it not made or you can say developed by Google. But a few years ago, Google took Waze app and it does not navigate as same as Google Map and any other competitors app. The best part of this which people love the most is it tells you about the social traffic, police, Jaam etc. the app informs you while you are driving to your destination place, and the best part it tells you about the best and short routes while travelling. As we all have heard several times that Google is bringing incidents reports features in Google Map navigation app. And luckily, now we are able to see Waze’s great features in Google map navigation app.

Image Source: Iphonefaq

As per android policy, not just Google Maps display the speed limits on the front screen of the navigation display. But it is the same in the case of Waze and other competitors apps, and it also gives you a warning for upcoming speed traps. Nothing to say about it as it’s a tremendous deal. The Screenshot is given below take a look. You will see a new speed limit icon presented in the below-left side if the navigation display screen.

If you are a Waze user than for you it normal to see the speed trap reports, so now, you know what to expect from Google. As per the report by Android Police report, the speed limit icon has now located inside Google Maps. In the given screenshot you can clearly be seen that speed cameras are identified on the screen, and with the help of audio notification, the drivers get alert while they are on the road.

There is no specific time or release date whenever this feature rolls out to all Google Map, it will be available on Google Play Store or any other Play Store.

There Are Dozens Of Fake Navigation Apps In Play Store | Having Extra Adds On It

First research by ESET Lukas Stefanko, all app he tested were navigation apps and all the navigation app has more than 1 million downloads each and if we total the sum of download it will be more than 49 million.

Unhappily, despite these claims that these apps can help users map their journeys or carry tools like compass or speedometer, every app can work on Google Maps or its related APIs to do the actual work.

The real difference between Google Map and fake navigation app is the redesigned front page of the app with the help of UI that acts as a way of serving ads, keeping in mind the fact that the app was actually working alongside Google’s data, and the most dangerous thing in this fake app is it asks for the access to SMS, phone call logs and other services that map actually does not need, and get user personal data which can be dangerous.

The most disturbing and irritating part in the fake app is they are having 4 stars reviews. They get these 4 stars review with the help of fake review agents. And by watching 4 stars review user get cheated, he thinks that this app has good review and they install it. But happily, these apps are in violation of Google Maps’ terms of use which does not allow the users to re-distribute or design replacements for Google Maps main Services.

Till now, Stefanko has found more than 20 fake navigation app. In conclusion, we can only say that there are only a few useful companies that can actually help you to navigate such as Apple, Google, and some other company.


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