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Google has made the most significant changes to the Gmail since 2011. The leaked redesign that was out earlier this month is now going live, and Google has now confirmed the features which are leaked prior. Google said that Gmail is going to get a new design which is aligned with the theory “Material Design 2” principles.

In the new redesign done on the Gmail, we can see a pane on the right side which shows in-line interfaces for Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks. According to the company, in future, you can send “Confidential” emails which can get expire at a set time or can be unsent at any time. The new feature also includes Google Inbox with snoozing emails and computer-generated Smart Replies.

Google announced that all would not get the new Gmail instantly. It is slow rollout and when the new Gmail upgrade comes to your account, you can able to click the link in which is mentioned: “try new Gmail.” The users who have a personal account, this will be happening very soon in the future, and GSuite users will need their admins to enable the opt-in message. If the new design of the Gmail is not right for you, then you can go for the old style at any moment without any problem.

According to a blog post in which Gmail new features are revealed, it shows that a new Nudge feature will be available for the users. This Nudge will help the user to know about the emails that remain untouched for a long time. The other new feature is the ability to deal with messages with a single click from the inbox and then inline actions like “Archive, Delete and Snooze” pops out. The security warnings are also got the more alarming red design.

The launch of new Gmail comes with the new interface for the Gmail and a new dedicated task app for Android and iOS. Google Task was a weak product of the company, and the improvement that has done on this app is not much. The app allows you to have multiple checklists, pick a due date for the task and also helps in adding some sub-tasks. A keep Checklists can get shared with the collaborators like a Google Doc, and you can add time and date and even a location to it. 


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