Ohio, Hepatitis A

In a recent development, the Ohio department of health has declared the statewide break of hepatitis A on Friday evening. The announcement was followed by the reporting of about 79 hepatitis A cases which comes from Ohio till now. This number is almost the double of the number which was reported in the year 2017, and the department released this.

Hepatitis A is said to be a highly contagious liver infection which can last few weeks for several months. The symptoms which are arisen due to this disease include fatigue, stomach pain, low appetite, nausea, and jaundice.

The states which are affected by this include Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia. They have experienced this outbreak, and they have declared that this outbreak. The Ohio Department of Health has got the access to the additional hepatitis A vaccines with the help of the Centers for the Disease Control.

There a huge number of cases which are linked to the outbreaks which are already reported in the neighboring states, as the department. The cases that are reported from different states are Kentucky about 761 cases, Indiana 138 cases, Michigan 843 cases and West Virginia 248 cases.

The Cuyahoga County has reported about 4 cases till June 20th, 2018, as per the health department. Summit County had got one, and none of them is reported in other neighboring counties. Montgomery County has reported about 17 cases; it is said to be the most cases in the state. This was followed by Lawrence, present at the state’s southern tip which has 12 cases and Lucas with 10 cases.

This disease is said to be a vaccine-preventable liver disease which usually spreads when a person ingests faecal matter. This can occur even if the person eats that in microscopic amounts or from the contact with objects, drinks or food which are contaminated by the stool of the infected person.

Good hand washing can prevent this and take the vaccine for the disease.



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