How To Extend Battery Life | Tricks To Prevent Low Battery

In this modern Era or you can say modern life we are so busy with our phone, which means the battery runs down and sometimes dead, and the most of the time when we need it most it gets switch off, or the battery dies. Consumer Reports Test number of smartphones each year, by this we get some steps or tricks to prevent your battery from running down or by getting switch off.

Let your Screen Relax 

One of the best step to slow down the battery consumption is not to make your phone to wake the screen up every time there is a message or app notification. Go to the settings and switch off the background of your phone vibration when any message comes, a LED notification and the most important your lousy habit of checking that any notification comes or not.

Believe Your Buttons

Many of us like to hear the notes of the dial pad or the vibration of the phone while typing anything in the phone it will draw a lot of power every time you work because they’re using the speaker as well as tiny motors to vibrate your phone while texting. Trust them. Turn off ‘Vibrate on touch.’ and ‘Dialpad tone.’It will prevent your battery to get down or your phone to get switch off.

Keep Screen Time-Out As Short As You Can

In your phone display setting, you should find an option(Screen Timeout) or Sleep. In this setting, you can decide how long you want your phone to stay screen on without interruption or without getting a touch.
Generally the shortest time you can set is 15 seconds in Andriod.

Enable Power Saving Mode

In your phone setting their option installed by the phone manufacturer of power saving mode. This default setting gets to turn on when the battery is below 20%.
Enabling a battery saver mode manages the phone’s various power snaping features for you, such as prevent your app from running in the background, Turn off the vibration, etc.

But if you’re still continually running for your charger, you may want to think to replace your battery or getting a new phone. CR says you might be impressed by some of the recent improvements. Some phones have gotten a lot bigger, which gives manufacturers a lot more space to put in bigger batteries. And bigger batteries generally mean better battery life.


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