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How To Record Your Screen On Windows 10 or 11

If you’ve been using Windows 10 or 11 for a while, find the best ways to record your screen. The Xbox Game Bar and Microsoft Stream are both great ways to record your Windows 11 screen.

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have two powerful ways to record your screen. You can also use third-party software to record Windows 11.


How to Record Your Xbox Game Screen with the Game Bar

The Windows Xbox gaming bar is a novel addition to Windows 10 and 11. It has a lot of cool features, like the ability to keep tabs on your CPU and graphics card. It allows you to quickly access Xbox. Potentially the most helpful feature is the ability to record your screen.

Take a screenshot of the Xbox game bar. Just do what I say.

1. Open the Game Bar on the Xbox

Start the recording app. Setting up to record is easy. It’s easy and quick to record.

To turn on the Xbox Game Bar for the first time, press Win+G. When asked, click “This is a game.”

2. Start to record

You can start recording by pressing the Win key, the Alt key, and the R key at the same time. This will open a little window where you can record. You are free to start working on the app, and the screen will still be recorded while you do so.

3. Quit recording

Pressing the Win+Alt+R shortcut again will end the recording. We’re going to put a halt to the recording now. When you’re done recording, just hit the pause button on the widget.

The recorded footage can be viewed and stored in the Gamebar app’s gallery. In addition to the MP4 file, the Videos and Clips folder should also contain the video.

How to use the Stream Screen Recorder from Microsoft

The web-based screen recording feature of Microsoft Stream saves footage to stream. You only need a camera and a microphone to record your screen. Stream is a great way to record tips, seminars, and lectures. With Microsoft Stream, you can make beautiful recordings of your screen.

Microsoft Stream lets you record your screen. Here are the steps to record your screen with Microsoft Stream.

1. Screen Recording

Click Record to record what’s on your screen. Write down what you want. It can be the whole screen, a part of the screen, or a window for an app. Click “Share” when you’re done. To record audio, click “Share audio.”

2. Check out the recording

When you’re done recording, click “Play” to hear what you’ve done. Just press the record button again and try again if you mess up. Select Upload to Stream when you’re ready to start sharing your video.

3. Record the screen and upload it.

Once you select “Upload to Stream,” the upload begins. Managing and monitoring the upload is easy. You can watch the uploading process and enter the video’s name, duration, description, and language.

After uploading, you can post or share a video. You can edit the video.

How to Record Your Own Screen on Windows 11

Basic screen capture features in Windows 11 have certain restrictions. RecForth is a screen recorder for instructional creators, video creators, and YouTube users. Capturing the screen in Windows 11 is simplified by many settings.

How to record your screen with RecForth in Windows 11

1. RecForth is completely free. 

You can get RecForth from the Microsoft Store and then wait for it to finish installing on the device you’re using that runs Windows. Clicking on its icon is all it takes to open RecForth and go to its main page.

2. Set up to record your screen.

Choose how you want to record (full screen, custom area, or window) and change the settings. When the webcam and microphone are turned on, the screen and sound are recorded.

There are some settings in the navigation bar at the bottom of the main screen, but there are more on the Settings page. You can set a timer, save location, shortcut keys, pointer clicks effect, video resolution, and frames per second (FPS) on the Settings tab.

3. Record the screen with RecForth.

After a short wait, RecForth will be able to record anything on your Windows screen. Tap the button on the floating panel that says “taking an action” to stop or start recording at any time.

Once you’re done recording, click Stop. Then you can look at the recording at your own pace.

Final Word!

Here are some easy ways to record what you see on your Windows 11 screen. Third-party screen recording apps are better than built-in or default ways to record your screen. Try ReForth.

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