Human Race,

In new research, it was revealed that the main reasons why we don’t have counter any aliens till now because climate change may have killed them. This climate change will also be affecting human race and due to this humans may also get killed.

As per the astrophysicist Adam Frank, he said that this is possible and humans may have doomed to the same fate, and it may go out of our hands. Frank is said to be the professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester in New York. He is also the lead author of the new paper which was published on May 1st in the journal Astrobiology and it aims to have a 10,000 light year view of anthropogenic climate change. We can use mathematical models which are based on the disappearance of the real-life lost by civilization models which are based on the disappearance of the real-life lost by civilization on Earth.

Frank along with his colleagues has simulated this about how various alien civilizations might be risen and fallen due to the increase in demand for the planet’s limited natural resources into energy.

According to Frank, the laws of the physics usually demand that any young population who builds an energy-intensive civilization are going to have feedback on this planet. When we come across the climate change in this cosmic context, then it may give us better insight into what is happening and how to overcome this.

Frank said in his research that Easter Island might be taken as an example. In his paper, he said that the studies they have done show that the inhabitants of the Islands have depleted their resources and it lead them to starvation and termination of the island’s civilization. They have worked on the previous equations, and they found that there are four possible endpoints and they are similar to limited natural resources.

The main difference between the sustainable future and a deadly collapse was mainly depending on a population foresight and how early they released that they are destroying the planet and how quickly they take steps to prevent it. This difference will help the people to take the appropriate stand to tackle the climate change in a more serious way.

This study was published in Live Science.


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