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India is all bowled up to take their lander up in the space. India is all ready to set its foot in the world’s space race as the country is about to send its second lander to the Moon whose mission is going to be the exploration of that region of the moon where no other spacecraft has reached and that is the south pole of the Moon. Seems like India has finally got what it needs. The Indian Space Research Organization also is known as ISRO has spent more than $141 million on Chandrayaan-2 mission and the country has used its own technology in building the spacecraft.

The main motive of sending the spacecraft to the moon is to look for the essential minerals and look over the areas which are never explored and the mission also includes the finding of the existence of water. The ISRO said in a statement, “It will boldly go where no country has ever gone before.” India has shown its power and grip in the space programs before as recently, India tested its anti-satellite weapon in March which enhanced the capabilities of the country’s space power along with the other countries including the United States, Russia, and China. India is the fifth-largest growing economy in the world and according to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, the country is all set and excited to demonstrate the security and technological power on a global stage.

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Now, India is planning to land humans on the Moon by the year 2022 and if India succeeds in doing so, it will become the fourth nation to land Humans on the Moon. Just like India, other nations are also looking for landing humans on the Moon such as the United States. The United States is working on sending human on the moon once again by the year 2024. The space agency of the US, NASA has already started working on the project. Another country who attempted but failed is Israel who tried their best to land their unnamed spacecraft on the Moon in April but brutally failed as their spacecraft crashed and exploded and it was their first privately funded spacecraft. Indians have sent a spacecraft to the moon’s orbit before as the spacecraft named Chandrayaan-1 orbited the moon and found out the existence of water back in the year 2008.

India also sent a satellite to the Mars’s orbit which made it the country’s first interplanetary mission back in 2013 and 2014. India has also developed the fish migration forecasting and weather prediction system. Chandrayaan-2 also consists of a lunar orbiter, lander, and a rover. The rover also has a camera, seismometer, a thermal instrument, and a laser reflector by NASA which allow calculating the distance between the Earth and the Moon. The interesting part of the mission is that the rover is going to explore the hidden areas of the Moon where the scientists think has the presence of water and India is going to be the first one to explore the southern pole of the moon. “These days, it has become the place to go,” said space expert Nandivada Rathnasree.


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