India, smokers

In a new report by the WHO, India is ranked second to China for the number of smokers whose aged is from 15 or above. The total number of smokers accounted is 106 million of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers. Indonesia ranked 3rd with about 74 million smokers.

According to the WHO, it estimates that there are about 367 million smokeless tobacco users whose aged is 15 or above and more males used to smoke tobacco products than females. Each year about 3 million people die prematurely due to the use of tobacco which can cause cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and stroke as world’s leading killers. This statement is said by marking World No Tobacco Day, and it includes 890,000 deaths due to second-hand smoke exposure.  

Though smokeless tobacco is used in all regions, the WHO South-East Asian Region has been the largest number of users which represent 82 percent of all users worldwide. But, the pace of action to reduce the tobacco demand and its related death and disease is lagging behind the global and national commitments to reduce it to near about 30 percent which is among 15 and older. If this trend continues, then the world will be getting only achieve about 22 percent reduction by 2025.

Douglas Bettcher, who is the director of the WHO’s prevention of noncommunicable disease department said during the launching of the WHO’s global report about the tobacco smoking, and he said by adding that industrial countries are making faster progress than developing countries.

He said that one of the major factors impends low and middle-income countries which is face resistance by the tobacco industry who wished to replace clients who die due to the freely marketing their products and it keeps prices low so that young people can afford.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Who has joined hands with the World Heart Federation which is a link between tobacco and cardiovascular diseases (CVD), as the world’s leading cause death and it is responsible for 44 percent of all NCD deaths or 17.9 million deaths annually.

Most of the people are aware that tobacco causes cancer and lung diseases, but they don’t get aware that tobacco as it causes heart disease and stroke. In the eve of World No Tobacco Day, it tried to draw the attention that it doesn’t cause cancer, but it makes heart weak.



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