Instagram, IGTV

In a new announcement, Instagram has announced IGTV. It is a standalone app in which one can watch long vertical videos, and it will also have the tab inside the flagship app. It seems that Instagram is getting ready to compete with YouTube and the company has announced this in San Francisco.

When you log in to IGTV, it will automatically start to play the vertical videos from around the people whom you follow, and it also has the capability for personalized recommendations from other parts in Instagram. The app is now available both in iOS and Android.

According to Kevin Systrom, who is CEO of Instagram said that the app was designed to make it easier to search and watch videos on your mobile phone. He added by saying that most of the video apps usually required you to search or browse through a directory but iGTV is different and it will start playing videos once you login in it. The other feature about the app is a Lean back mode in which it could make IGTV a powerful new place for all ads in Instagram.

IGTV allows anyone to be the creator and people can upload their vertical videos with the help of the Instagram’s app or Web. Everyone except the smaller and new accounts can able to upload an hour long videos, and with that, the option has expanded to everyone. The IGTV app will be acting as a home for mobile video. The videos that are uploaded on IGTV can be up to 10 minutes and those who have larger accounts can able to upload a 1 hour long videos. For future, the company is expecting to sell the user’s post videos which were about unlimited length.

The executives of the Instagram has announced the launch of the new app, and the event includes celebrity Fortnite streamer Ninja, Katie Austin, Susie Shu, Bryce Xavier, Lauren Riihimaki, Lauren Godwin and Lele Pons. Instagram also announced that it has 1 billion users.


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