Instagram is one of the major social media platforms for users to get in touch with their mates as well as with the family around. As you must know that Facebook is the Parent company of Instagram or directly we can also say that Instagram is the part of Facebook and with this, it also has millions of active users daily. Instagram is one of the amazing social networking sites which is being used for adding a post for the people and also for sharing some information with the help of an Instagram heading story.


This social media platform was loved by the youth and was also helped in promoting your business by making a business account on Instagram. With this, you all must have some of the updates regarding the Instagram new update of horizontal news feed view. Reports for this have been around by many of the users that it is one of the worst features which the Instagram would be added and it doesn’t have an efficiency of viewing post.

Many People also reported that the vertical feed on Instagram was much better than this and this update a gives the feel that the complete application has been changed because Instagram was more about getting new feed. From the past many years, the users were using the old vertical feature and instantly the horizontal one is somehow disturbing and not being liked by the user.

Instagram also shared some of the reports and said that this feature was being implemented accident and was not being officially launched by them. Instagram is receiving continuous emails and tweets for the update and many users also asked for leaving the Instagram because of the new horizontal feed in Instagram and said that Facebook is much better now.

If we see the positive side of this new horizontal feed update, it has many such as the feeds which were being shown on the vertical side was sometimes being missed by the user but in this update, one page will show the complete post of the user and it will be more focused in the 3rd person’s eyes or the user who is viewing the news feed. The perfect image and caption will be shown in this update and the comment box will appear just below easily.

This feature has been removed from the Instagram because of the many complaints but the complaints are still coming by some of the users that the update is still not being deleted. Instagram has officially apologized for the irregular update and also said that there would be an update which will look apparently same. Stay tuned for more updates about Instagram and other social media platform.


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